Gratuity or Tipping to your limo driver or chauffeur can sometimes be a confusing, as different countries and even different areas within countries (city vs countryside) may have different customs on tipping. Even the most experienced traveler can sometimes be tripped up by tipping. Sure, you know you’re supposed to tip your Chauffeur something ­­ but how much?
The rule is that there is no hard and fast rule. Tipping appropriately is a matter of context. It’s just a gesture to appreciate anyone who works in a hospitality industry. Chauffeurs/drivers are members of this industry. The little extra tip best shows your appreciation. There is no need and is not the custom to leave a “fat” tip. In proper tipping etiquette, literally, just a token of appreciation will suffice. How Much to tip limo driver Limo service tip always generates a bit of confusion, as most of us are not familiar with the limo service tip or gratuity guidelines.Tipping a driver for superb service is a commendable act, and this is highly recommended. Gratuity ranges usually between 10% and 20% of the total cost, but you should consider following points when determining the size of your tip:
  • Tipping service people with whom you have regular contact can build goodwill: Some limo drivers are very friendly and can create a relationship with a client as soon as they see them. Well, if you conclude your limo ride with the driver being your friend, try to sustain this newly found friendship with a good tip. This will create a chain reaction of good customer service, motivating him to show kindness to other people.
  • Don’t tip if it’s not deserved. Poor service should not be rewarded: Meeting a chauffeur can be an awkward experience if you are not acquainted with them. Simply remain calm and relaxed, tip them according to their attitude.
  • If you take up extra services, tip extra: Did your limo experience entail any additional services, such as extra amenities or amazing features that you didn’t anticipate? This should be considered when calculating the final tip. Was the limo ride better than you expected? Take all of this into consideration.
  • Tip discreetly: When does one bypass a tip and file a complaint instead? A chauffeur should always address you with patience and respect. If a limo driver makes you feel as if you are wasting their time, you can easily file a complaint by calling the company. This also applies if the limo driver is not punctual. A limo driver should express gratitude for having you as a customer.
  • When in doubt, tip: How adequate of a driver was the chauffeur? Did the driver scare you at some points with how fast he or she was driving? Well, this is one issue that needs to be considered because; it greatly affects the amount of tip that is given. If the driver alarmed you with poor driving skills, you may decide to give a 5% tip and promptly report this individual to the company.
In some circumstances, if you offer an initial tip — especially a large initial tip — you’ll get better service. What’s the most common tipping mistake? To not tip. That’s probably the worst tipping mistake. Usually, if you know to tip, you’re tipping around 10 to­ 20 percent so you know you’ve tipped something, and that’s great. But not tipping at all is probably the worst mistake.
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