There are many limousines Services  available in the market and some charge unfairly. As you are on this blog we assume you already know that Limousine is the most expensive form of ground transportation. When hiring a limousine there are few things you need to know. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that you get your money’s worth:

Things you should keep in mind while renting limousine

  • Credibility. Hiring a limousine is not like renting a car. While renting limousine for your special occasion you should not look for cheaper price as bad limousine service can ruin your day completely. Check reviews and try to have a look at companies fleet before renting.
  • Ask for Packages. Limo rates change depending on the season (for example during prom season, rates typically spike). If you are booking more than one limousine, you can ask the company for available packages.
  • Request a contract. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The contract should include all vital information -including the rates (plus surcharge and gratuity), the limo’s model, make, and year, the company’s liability in case of a no-show or breakdown, and deposit and cancellation fees.
  • Check the passenger capacity. Some companies will advertise a higher passenger capacity than the limo can really handle. Always ask how many people can be seated comfortably (the key word here is ‘comfortably’) or simply ask how many seatbelts are provided.
  • Review charges. Limousine companies will initially give you an estimate. Ask if fuel costs and parking fees are already included. There are also cheap limousine companies that will offer vehicles at an extremely low price and then surprise you with a high surcharge.
  • Clarify overages. You might initially book a limousine service for a set amount of hours. Of course, your event might run longer than usual (or your flight might get delayed). Ask the company how much they charge if you exceed the allotted time. Will they charge the full hour? Charge every hour? Every 15 minutes?

The best limousine services will be able to provide complete information upfront and will send highly professional chauffeurs. They are honest and will answer your questions directly and promptly. Book your limo service with a provider that offer the convenience of online or by phone estimate requests and bookings.

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